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Kevin Keplar

I can tackle just about anything audio… Whether it be a simple studio recording session, or full post production on a feature film, I bring the same level of enthusiasm and professionalism to each project. Using industry standard gear, no matter what your audio needs may be, chances are very good that I can take care of them for you. Additionally, with my connections in the industry, if you need more than just a good “sound guy” I can help put a team together.

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My Professional Skills

Freelance media professional offering services as a sound recordist, sound mixer, sound designer, ADR, Foley recording, final mix and voice overs.

Sound Recording 95%
Media Production 85%
Post Production 90%
Education 95%


Voice Overs | Music | Corporate Events | Podcasts | More


Sound Supervising | Sound Recording | Sound Mixing | Location Scouting | More

Post Production

Rerecording Mixer | Audio Sweetening | Sound Design | ADR, Foley | Final Mix


Training | Workshops | Classes | Seminars/Presentations | Group or one-on-one

Video Production

Need a second camera person or an editor? Sure, I can do that too.

Kitchen Sink

I have been on a good number of productions and have picked up many skill sets along the way. Need a random crew person? Just ask.


Below is a brief summary of some of the recent projects I have been a part of and some of the clients I have worked with.

General Production

ABC, Acura, AOL, Budweiser, CBS, CMT, CNBC, CNN, Court TV, EA Sports, ESPN, Fox News Channel, History Channel, Inside Edition, Journal Broadcast Group, Kansas Bureau of Investigation, Lifetime, MSNBC, NBC (Dateline, Today Show, Nightly News), City of Wichita, Bethany College, No Coast Media, Rule Productions, Digital Brand and more

Production / Post Production

City of Wichita, Chamber of Commerce, Central Star Credit Union, Cessna, Comfort Systems, Digital Brand, Kansas Leadership Center, City of Wichita, Koch Industries, No Coast Media (FL), Purifan, Fiction Media, Chiropath (Short Film), Control (Short Film), Guilt (Short Film), ICT (Doc), Waiting for Warren (Short Film) and more.

Voice Over Work

Communication Research Institute, KAB PSAs, Creative Photography, Genius DV, UCF Lakeland, Gold’s Gym, VISTE, Optima Bus Corp, Credit King Automotive, Parent Empowerment, Wichita Sessions, Full Service (short film), Newton Mid Kansas Symphony Orchestra, National Aviation Consortium, ACME Atronomatic, and more.

  • Old Radio Stuff

    Old Radio Demos

    Here are a few nuggets from my radio days...

    Commercial Demo
    Commercial: The Groovy Grill
    Station Promo: Love It Or Leave It
    Air Check: win some cash
    Live Remote: Inferno Night Club
    Air Check: nobody cares...
    Station Promo: It's a New Show
  • PEC Sound Design

    Sound Design

    Sound design for Digital Brand in Wichita KS;

    • VO cleanup
    • Addition of sound effects (Foley and library effects)
    • Final mix with music

    Professional Engineering Consultants Recruitment Video from Digital Brand on Vimeo.
  • A Time of Rebuilding

    So a quick little story regarding my web site... I discovered that my previous service provider was charging me for services that I did not authorize (for who knows how long) so I decided to look elsewhere for my online needs. Long story short, in my haste to jump ship, I was left without a fully polished web site. I am working on correcting that.

    In the future I will have a new site with all of my creative content available for demonstration purposes. In the meantime, if you need to see and/or hear some of my work, don't hesitate to shoot me an email. You can also stop by my Vimeo or YouTube channels, check me out on social media or just do a good ol' fashioned Google search on me.

    Apologies to those who have stopped by while I am in the state of transition. I should be back up and running in no time.


  • A Work In Progress

    Well this is embarrassing... It looks like you stopped by while I was updating the web site. 
    My apologies for that. I sure hope you will consider stopping back by another time.

    In the meantime, if you would like some information or just need to get a hold of me, feel free to shoot me an email.

    Thanks for stopping by.


    I would love to take a crack at your next project. Let's talk...

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    Old Radio Stuff

    Old Radio Demos Here are a few nuggets from my radio days... Commercial Demo Commercial: The Groovy Grill Station Promo: Love It O...


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